Santa Fe Restaurant Week

February 19 - February 29

Zacatlán Restaurant

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The name Zacatlán surged from the origins of our chef, Eduardo Rodriguez. He was born in Zacatecas, Mexico (north-central Mexico), which is defined as "the habitants of the land where grass grows". Zacatlán is the nahuatl translation for "land with an abundance of grass", and that is where our idea of Zacatlán Restaurant began.

Zacatlán Restaurant desires to continue to preserve the traditions for our upcoming generations, while bringing forth new flavors. These new flavors incorporate Southwestern and Mexican influences. We are established near the Santa Fe Plaza, right off of Guadalupe Street. We want to unveil a new fusion of food for everyone in Santa Fe, and those who visit.

In his many years of culinary work, owner & chef Eduardo Rodriguez has proven to excel progressively in the kitchen. Chef Rodriguez has several nominations for titles like “Best Chef”, and Zacatlán has obtained award nominations and titles too. From USA Today’s 10Best to the James Beard Foundation, Zacatlán is recognized for its unique food and style.

Date_add  This restaurant accepts reservations during Restaurant Week.

Dinner Menu

$65 per person


317 Aztec Street
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 780-5174


Mexican & Southwestern Fusion



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